Drivers not thinking?


The use of turn signals goes back to their invention, which was a one-off invention of Oscar J. Simler, who invented and patented a similar turn signal in 1929. Turn signals were not offered to consumers purchasing cars until 1939, and they were more widespread in the late 1940s, when large numbers of car manufacturers offered them to consumers.

Now when you look this up on Wikipedia, you will see a short list of information. .

Now, for the Lack of common sense part.

When drivers are moving at 90 Mph, what sense does it make to not use turn signals to show other around you that you intend to change lanes?

Especially when most are changing either so quickly, or radically.  The whole idea of moving 2 or more lanes just to exit quickly, or get that extra two car lengths totally astounds me.

But the idea that the general public around you has some sort of ESP (extra sensory perception), is really either expecting a lot, or totally insanity. Not to mention, if you haven’t already gathered, it’s extremely RUDE !

So when those practicing this form of driving practice get the occasional flying fickled finger, or other gestures, not to be limited to a long horn blow. Then, maybe if any of these people are reading this article you will understand why.

Myself, when these things happen to me, I imagine how many different ways I would like to see the other driver suffer at the hands of those they piss off.  Also, do these people that don’t use turn signals every think of  how they change the attitude of those drivers around them? Probably not.

But, I have noticed in being a person that drives for a living. That the following are the least users of turn signals, and biggest offenders.

  • Drivers in Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Hummers, High end Nissan’s, etc
  • Women, in the same type cars. And most of the time they don’t even look. Hence why women cause more accidents, and are not necessarily in them.
  • People under the age of 30, texting, holding their cell phone while talking. Even if their vehicle is a known Bluetooth vehicle, for some reason the have to hold a phone. And no, if your on speaker phone, and holding the phone, this does not qualify you as a hands free user. This qualifies you as a prick.

Well, I hope that covers most of it. Oh, another dream I have is, if someone that doesn’t use a turn signal and causing an accident that involves me. I plan on checking on them afterwards, and then snapping the turn signal level off, and beating them with it. Maybe I should just ask them if they bought that upgrade feature for their car. What ever happens, may require being bailed out of jail……




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