Floods to come, but not a flood of common sense

We have been constantly bombarded by the Mass Media here in California, all about the up coming hope of the El Nino effect. This is to hopefully end the current drought cycle.

Now, on the other hand when the rains come, even the smallest rain, we here about the past news stories of flooding, mudslides, and loss of life etc. But there is always something missing…..

Why is it, that here in California, during the drought times, you don’t hear anything about fixing these bad areas of flooding, and preparation before the disasters hit?

No matter how much unemployment the government touts, there are people still looking for work. Why not employ them for flood preparation repairs, earth stabilization, water diversion systems, and canal and drainage cleanup?

It’s a lot cheaper that repair flood prone areas, then constantly be a local, state, or federal level of re-activeness.  It’s much smarter to be proactive, then reactive.  These are things we try to teach our children. Wouldn’t you think politicians in local and state areas would know this already?  That’s what they were elected to do. Think ahead.

Of course we see the level of stupidity in our state road building company. Caltrans officials seem to be the people hired and promoted to the highest level of stupidity.  Working on road projects during high commute level times. Not working on many at night. Not to mention the lack of proper signage during these projects. And, after everything is said and done, being over budget millions, if not billions.

Burn areas in my area should have been jumped on immediately, knowing that rain was expected in a week or so, but were not.  Still I point to people wanting to work, but yet not ads anywhere easy for the public to apply.

I hope I have raised a few eyebrows. If not a few ideas for concern. You can always write your local representative for city, state ,congress person, or even senator, and ask them why they haven’t done any coverage to respond to these type issues ahead of time.


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