Annoying Web Pages

Lately I have noticed , what I consider to be an annoying , and completely poor practice of web design . I am sure many have seen these on Facebook , Twitter , and other social media site.

Someone will share a post of something that is enticing , and you go to click on it . By the time it populates your web browser on your phone , tablet , or computer , you realize your trapped . Well not trapped , but you would like to see it , but you have to navigate these endless ” Next “ buttons .  These sites are just showing a series of photos, or cut up, short GIF clips . I really find it hard to decide which on is worse .

Now after seeing what seems like yet an endless supply of websites , that all seem to post articles like this I became curious . So , I started googling anything on this practice .  Most web designers agree that these sites are completely annoying , and really bad HTML creation . Most sites say these are amateurish web create with a lack of proper care or concern .

Of course many explanations agreed with my observations . These sites were badly made , and only made for one purpose . The purpose was sure as Heck not to show any journalistic style , or the ability to create a properly organized webpage .

These pages were created to generate revenue , cash , or pointing to other product websites . I am sure someone thought this was a great thing . But , it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing , or Make Sense .

These sites just create all this extra space for more advertisements . That’s it , plain and simple , good old U.S.A commercialism , and capitalism .

Now , the down side . The down sides are that these sites cause some issues . Here is a fairly good list of issues many will see .

  • Worst part is data usage . Weather it is on your home PC , Tablet , or Cell , it is completely redundant amounts of data that are eating up space for no reason at all .

Now on you home PC , or tablets / a tablet / the tablet , that uses Wifi , or a home connection , it may not be visible . But , it is still there . Some people on certain have plans where their web providers are still charging for certain amounts of data transfers . So this adds cost to you the consumer . On a cell phone this will assist you at eating your mobile data onto a short period of time also .

  • Possible hidden dangers . When it comes to many of these websites , they are so focused on adding these overwhelming supplies of ads , that they are not paying attention . They are not searching the ads code for possible viruses , spam address collection , and Trojans that seem to lurk in the background .
  • Lastly , for some reason , these websites actually thought these pages are informative , or in some cases they really think it’s journalism . This is not my belief at all .

Now , even though I have started this Blog , even I am not that full of my self to think my site is of any journalistic quality . I try to be informative , helpful , and of course it’s only my opinion . But , hay , last time I checked we are still allowed to have an opinion . At least so far as I last checked .

So as an example , of one these offending sites to your data , and PC health is a list I have compiled so fair . I am sure there are many more . If you like please leave some addition sites in the comments . I will try to update my blog later .



I hope this has been helpful in some way , and share if you like my observation .  If you would like to help the cause of ridding the net of sites like this . Then when you see them , find the contact links , and write a nasty gram to the website developers . Maybe they will get the point .



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