Driving is not a game !

Considering my primary work is a driver, this is probably why I am so avid about the following subjects. I will talk about the absolute ignorance of drivers when it comes to paying attention to the rules of the road, and the possible dangers of handling a cell phone. This is just one of the top 10 problems while driving. I could probably come up with more.

Let discuss what most states in the USA say about cell phone use while driving.

  • Most cover the fact that it is extremely dangerous. They also state what you shouldn’t do.
  • Do not hold a phone to your ear, or in your hand while driving.
  • Do not text while driving.
  • Do not surf the net, Facebook, or anything that requires a manual input.

Holly crap ! Is this hard to understand? Is the call your making or that “LOL” text that damn important? can you live with the idea someone died due to a call, or text? Can you?

Is it worth going to jail for killing, or injuring someone for? A hefty fine? (Which the fines are way to light in my opinion)

If you are involved in just about any car accident now a days. The average policeman will ask if you where on your cell phone. If he even thinks is possible, he will access your phone records with an easy to get warrant to your cell carrier.  And no one will tell you he did it until its too late.

The average new car, or newer Stereos now have Bluetooth connectivity. Hands free operation, and so do all phones.  Speech to text, voice dialing, and many other options.  Not to leave out apps to put in smartphones to make it safer to operate.

Is any of this that hard to understand? If it is, the I highly suggest you get rid of your cell phone.

Do you know how far you travel in a second of looking at your phone?

75 MPH is 110 ft per sec. The depth of a average parking lot. 11-12 car lengths.

65 MPH , 95 ft per sec 9 car lengths.

55 MPH , 80 ft per sec. about the average length of a tractor trailer driving on the highway. 8 car leengths.

45 MPH average speed in town on 4 lane roads, 66 ft per sec.  about 6 car lengths.

35 MPH, 51.33 ft per sec. , 5 car lengths

25 MPH a school zone. 36.67 ft per sec, over 3 cars lengths.

And if a truck of tractor trailer sized is moving and hits the breaks at highway speed. He will require about 300 ft to stop if he is empty. Never the less to say what happens to his trailer. And if loaded with cargo. He will need lots more added to that distance to stop.  And don’t forget your car. Every person added is on average an added 150 lbs added to your cars gross weight.

Many people throughout the world buy automobiles, most countries insist on drivers training of some sort. In my stat of California it is mandated that you now pay for drivers training through a notable training school in the local area.  Then you are licensed to operate a motor vehicle of the appropriate class.  Now most forget that the license is actually a permit. It does not say anywhere in any document of the United States of America, that driving is a right. You are permitted to drive, and when you screw up enough then your license is revoked.  Now many that are driving out on the roads as you read this, and everyday, probably really don’t deserve the license to drive.  You and I all see these people everyday. But what can we do…?

Here are some ideas.

  • Take down license plates, and make a report of an incident, and cause of an accident.
  • Flag a policeman as soon as you can and report bad drivers.
  • Report bad commercial drivers, they all usually have a “How is my driving” Sticker with a number.
  • If you see a problem, stand up for what is right, and try to correct the behavior in someones bad driving. You may be saving a life.
  • As parents, if you don’t correct a child’s driving practices early, then who are you going to blame when something goes wrong?

So here are pictures I have found on the internet that show what NOT to do on a cell while driving.

The average driver holding a cell phone in there hand, either hand, holding just in front of them, or to their ear. Does not use a turn signal. It’s a dead (pardon the pun) give away. The rest not signaling are just assholes. Doesn’t mean you can’t be both. The average texting driver has 10-20 car lengths in front of them in commute traffic. They think this will give them enough time to react, since they really aren’t watching the road. These people get my horn for long periods of time.  Horn use is now deemed a freedom of speech by most courts.

The following is what you should have to talk while driving if you have to talk. But it’s really best to just ignore a call, and pull over out of traffic. That is the best thing. But Bluetooth ear pieces, or wired ear pieces are less than 20 dollars in most stores. There are more high tech solutions to HANDS-FREE operation.

wp-1453314786871.jpg                    wp-1453314795455.jpg

I remember the good old days, when the only phone you had to worry about was at home, hanging on the wall in the kitchen, because your parents couldn’t afford to have 2 phones.

In closing here is my advise. Pay attention to the 1-3 ton monster you are driving. Is it worth that brief second to look at, or read a phone, and look up and see a mother and child crossing the street? Is it worth that text answer, and looking up and seeing someones grandmother? And lastly, is it worth going to jail, and being sued for everything you have, just to look a device that really and truly doesn’t help you at all?

So with all this information and observations, you have to wonder. Where is the common sense in not paying attention to respectable and responsible driving practices. If you don’t, then don’t bitch about the consequences. You knew the risks ahead of time.

 Ken W.


Teen Driving and texting – 

Massachusetts Law 


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