California Gas Prices – Time for a Revolution

Author – Ken Waters


Ok, let’s be absolutely clear. If anyone believes that these gas prices rising so quickly in California are warranted, then please just don read any further.  You are deluded, and watch and believe the mass media too much.


Now, I will explain why it is time for a mass change.

California gas prices being at least a dollar high than the national average is totally incorrect. It is plain and simple gouging, and capitalistic greed.

We who live in California know it’s always been more expensive. Why you ask? I would say it’s more political, then environmental.  When you think of corruption in government, California is the breeding ground. All you have to see is some of our current examples that are in office. The Governor, and his Bullet train to no where. This project sold to the public at $10 Billion, but experts are now saying it will cost over $60 Billion, and more looks like $100 Billion plus. And this project will never pay for it’s self.

Now, let’s look at the gas prices.

So, prices finally drop to an affordable level to Californians. Then , all of a sudden a 30 cent jump in 2 days. The Mass media excuse is, it’s the change of refineries to the Summer Blend. There’s a word for this……… Bullshit. Sorry, it’s the most accurate word to cover this.

Let’s look at some things for a moment. Car’s produced in the United States are sold with California emissions. Why? Because California has the most strict emissions in the nation.

So, why does this matter. Well, Catalytic converters have certain catalysts in them to reduce pollutants from exhausts of cars. So, would it make sense to have cars outside the state, that don’t use the same fuels and burn out the devices that clean the air?  No !

Link from Wikipedia –

So, winter or summer blend, or what ever state you live in, would mean the fuel, all has to meet certain standards to not burn out these parts on your cars.

Also, clearly shows that California, Alaska, and Hawaii,are the only states paying higher then all the rest.  I can understand some of this difference is taxes added by the states.  But, not all of it, no way in hell.

So, I propose a simple form of revolution. Quiet, but effective.

Either people make a day, a few days, a week, to take vacations days. Or, during this time, as many as possible commute with others. This will automatically cause a storage issue of gasoline. Why, because it’s not being bought as fast by consumers.Stations will not have to order more fuel as fast. There by backing up storage in areas to record levels. Then the prices will reduce to give incentive’s for more driving by single driver vehicles. It’s plan and simple economics.

Then get out your fingers, and start complaining to your government representatives to fix this very obvious problem of taking advantage of the American people, and their wallets, and budgets.

If you don’t then, with all due respect, shut the hell up.  If you can’t see you being screwed at the pump so easily, then you don’t care. But, you seem to care when food prices go up, products in the stores go up. But, so many seem to want free health care, and jobs, and services to fall from the heavens.

Wake up America, your being screwed, and convinced you actually like it.

Wow, would you let your family do that to you? A neighbor, or friend? I don’t think so.

So, why are you letting the government get away with it? I await your answers, eagerly.







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