What does our Country Want?


Well, the title of this blog says it all. Doesn’t it?

Of course currently here in the good ole USA, we are being tugged in all directions.  Especially during a pre-election time. Weather you live in the US, or outside of it, we all know Americans are just so misunderstood…  Or , are they really?

As of this year of 2016, we only seem to have 2 poor choices for the up coming presidential elections.  But, we here in the US, know this feeling all to well.  We had the same problem 4 years ago, and 8 years ago. But even before that, we always seem to say, we are choosing the lesser of two evils.

Why is that? Well, let’s be honest, it’s because Americans think they are the only ones on the planet with these dramatic, heart pumping issues.  Why? Because the average american person in our country hasn’t left , or visited, or lived in another country.

So, with this lack of knowledge, or true understanding of world events, the average person is basically ignorant of how others live throughout the world. So, all these other countries are rosier than ours when it comes to certain ideas, events, or allowances.

What can be done? Well, given that I am now in my 50’s, and I have seen and traveled in many countries, states within my own country, and I have a good education of my countries history. Also fairly knowledgeable of world affairs as well. My answer is……… I don’t have a fricken clue.

Americans are no longer interested in real education. We are publicly educated on average. Those that actually get so called, Private, or higher education, basically are indoctrinated into the following or beliefs of that higher institution.  So, my observations show me.

Hence why, most college students flow one direction or the other politically. The days of Americans being educated to be FREE thinkers has been gone a very long time. If it ever existed at all.  I really think, it was made up to begin with…. Probably created for some political gain from years gone by.

Now, many are probably asking, I wonder how this guy really feels about the choices of this years presidential election. Well, I can tell you in one word.


NUMB !!!!!

I am not affiliated with any party. I don’t see any difference any longer.

What I see is the American people put representatives in office, and the these reps go on their merry way pushing their own agendas, ideas, and pet projects. They don’t come back to ask the people they represent, how they would feel, or vote on a certain subject. No town hall meetings advertised, no online polls, no nothing.

I am sure other countries have the same issues.

Our news media is now so transparent on what they stand for it’s almost mind-numbing to watch. I actually watch BBC America, because leave it to the Brits to easily show haw corrupt and confused the Americas are on any subject. I am sure they would like to give their outlook of our news media, but their’s is just about as bad as ours…. It’s laughable, if it wasn’t so true.

So, truly what do the Americans have as a choice for Commander and Chief this year of 2016?

Hillary Clinton – a devout establishment person, that has shown us she can lie , cheat and almost down right steal. And I am sure there’s some stealing in there somewhere. Untrustworthy with state secrets, no concern for world affairs really, unless it benefits her foundation (Her wallet).

Donald Trump – A business man, who as admitted to using the system to his, and his companies advantage on several occasions. Has no vision of his own really.. Just what his advisers tell him to say. Because every time this guy opens his mouth its just gibberish. Basically he a blowhard head piece with a bad hair style. He could normally get elected for dog catcher. But, because he’s the normal pissed off american, he is popular with many.  Just because we are all pissed off at something.

So, what should the rest of us do?  Well we can look for more educated, commonsense electable people out there, outside of our parties.

But, what will we really do.  We will wait until the dust settles, bitch about whom we don’t like and ignore them for 4 more years and hope the next bunch is better.

Yup, so that about covers it all…..

Oh, except for the title question….. What does our county want?

We may never really know or understand. Many, no one really wants to……

Thank you for reading.

K. Waters




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