Have you thought about Veterans?

Let’s start right off, just in case you just want to flip to the next site, I am a “Desert Storm Veteran” 1990-1991.  I want to explain what I have seen so far, and why I am disappointed in what I see.

I am now 54, I spent 10 years in the United States Air Force, and was proud to have been an active member of the service, and in service to my country, until Present Clinton downsized the military by 800,000 members in 1992. In 1992, I was angry, disappointed and lost. I was basically fired, or laid off, with no intention to leave the service before my 20 yrs.

I was given pamphlets, and told good luck. Well, wasn’t that nice. No job searches, no resume classes, no unemployment (in the state of California), and I had to find a job quick, a place to live, and acclimate to civilian life. Oh, ya I forgot, 10 days before I was due to leave the service my Gallbladder was removed due to massive attacks.

I was able to find work, but I will say it took a lot to understand the outside world again, and I was ticked off for about a year.

Now years later, all I see is veterans, like myself, and on the news, getting little to nothing from the government that ask them to do what ever they were told, but in the end gave us zip.

People don’t realize, that once you signed on the dotted line, and go into service, on that day you loose most of your constitutional rights. It’s not until we get out, we realize, how precious those rights are, and what we really volunteered to defend.

Now with the current political atmosphere, veterans are just used as cannon fodder, pawns, activism faces, and news pieces. But do people realize that the nations veterans really need their help.  No, I mean really ! We don’t want money, or a whole lot of recognition, we need your voices, your consideration, and most of all, a bit of respect.

Let me explain a bit more.

I recently started accessing my local Veterans clinic here in Oxnard, California. It was recently completed. I never thought I would need the VA, nor did I think of my self as wanting, or needing assistance from my government. But, getting older, medical cost climbing, I figured I needed all the help I could find.

Well, I am still trying to get my ID card, because the computer system seems to break down a bunch, but I was allowed to start my medical services. It’s not a busy place yet, so I figured why not.

Well, the soonest appointment was 37 days out, and I would have to come in 2 weeks before that for blood work. Well that was disappointing, I get service like this already, and I pay for a Primary care doctor through my wife’s plan. Thanks, partly to our lovely Obamacare, and it’s so called cheaper rates, and competition.

The odd thing is, I currently drive people to appointments that are on medicare, and medical in the company I work for. And all these people can get appointments in days of their needs. But a veteran waits weeks, or months. Wow, that’s really odd isn’t it.

Like I said I am a proud member of Desert Storm, and believe me, when we got home, there was no fan fair. It was back to work. I won’t even explain how my first wife felt when I got back. Needless to say, she was pissed off I was gone over 6 months. In ten years of service , I was home 6 years.

So, now today, I see a message from the leadership of the Desert Storm Memorial Group.

A letter from Scott Stump, President of the National Desert Storm War Memorial Association…..
2 August 2016

Dear Friends & Supporters,

It’s very hard to believe that we are into the 26th Anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait!

The 25th Anniversary year absolutely flew by. It was very rewarding and very disappointing at the same time. I know how very frustrating to see the lack of interest and indifference displayed by the media, the general public, and even our government regarding the 25th Anniversary, and our mission to build the memorial, was for myself and for you!! However, the good news is that we commemorated the 25th anniversary in a huge way by having tremendous participation in the Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC. It was humbling and an honor watching 500 Desert Storm Veterans and 15 Coalition Country Representatives, the largest gathering since the 1991 victory parade, march down Constitution Avenue and make a tremendous and lasting impact on the crowd, reminding them that WE ARE STILL HERE!

With that being said, we desperately need your help!! Many of you approached me in Washington, DC and pledged your help with the Desert Storm Memorial effort. Whatever way you can help we need it now! When I started this journey back in December of 2010, I knew that we had a limited window of opportunity to get this done or Operation Desert Storm and all who served and died would be forgotten.

I am afraid that my premonition has come true. The effort to build a Global War on Terror Memorial is in the works. We recognize the vital future need for this memorial, and we support the cause 100%. However, since we have NOT raised the needed money for our own memorial, we run the risk of being in a competitive fundraising situation with a group of 3 million veterans and a 15- year war that is fresh on everyone’s minds!!

Our time is NOW! This is YOUR memorial! I urge all of you to PLEASE help us get this done so that Operation Desert Storm is not forever forgotten!

It’s up to all of us to make it happen!


Scott C. Stump”

Wow, we couldn’t even get enough people to give us a memorial to dedicate to all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice during Desert Storm.

Wow, is this what the people of our country really think us us, or other vets?  I am really wondering what is important any more. Should I be worried about 2 presidential candidates that I would even let in my own home, because they are both totally clueless, and classless, (pardon my language) ASSHOLES!

So, could you all do me a favor?  Could you bug your State representatives, congressmen and senators. And while your at in, when ever your see a vet, wearing a hat, or coat, or shirt. Go up to them and shake their hand, smile and say thank you, thanks for your service, or ask them if they could use a hand doing something.

Really, it doesn’t take much just to show some appreciation, and say thank you.

Just remember, the vets didn’t screw up the government, or politics, or the laws. The people did. We just allowed you the protection, to mess it up they way you all wanted.


Thank you….and your welcome.




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