Why is Facebook like a medical problem?

Lately, I have noticed that looking at Facebook can really, and truly effect my moods. So, we have to consider this practice a medical issue. As it can be contagious, and not always good for overall health.

So with that said, I have figured out a way to explain this problem and make it humorous.

Facebook user opinions are like buttholes. 

Some peoples opinions are very open to many influences. So you could fly a 757 up their butt, and it would be accepted freely.

The medium opinion user can be explained as a butthole with spasms. It just is open to the ebb and flow of others opinions. But, it can spew as well as accept foreign objects, and both are covered in carp.

Then there is the close minded user. They are set in their ways and no matter what they won’t change. So this is best explained as a close shut tight butthole. You couldn’t get a molecule up their butt, even if you used the force of a nuclear explosion to try to force in this outside object.

Then they is a wide open user. This person takes in everything, has no real opinion, or stance. This is best visualized as a bunghole that you could fly the space shuttle booster stage tank into, and still have room to spare.

So my best advise I can give to you is?
Don’t take Facebook for more than sharing you family photos with. Type some emails, and move back to a more normal life. 

Otherwise your just going to be someone’s bunghole problem. And they’re just looking for a hammer and a cork.
I hope that helps ! 😀


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