Author – Ken Waters


Recently I visited the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve State Nature Reserve. Living in Oxnard California, the trip took 1 hr 45 mins by car. We passed through some beautiful areas of rolling hills, rocky areas of charging rock strata, and small communities that made you wonder why anyone should live in cramped, and busy cities. A true back to nature experience.

Once we arrived ,we noticed we were not even close to being a few with the idea of experiencing nature this day. This is the time when these Poppy field begin to bloom, and many from all over were visiting. We notice during our walks on the different paths, at least 8 different languages. This was inspiring.  But, you still had to tolerate the few that weren’t as respectful, as they should have been.

The area is in the middle of a large rolling hill field. Surrounded by miles of fields, and an area of sparse population. On the way to the site, along side the road, were Poppies. You could just pull over, walk across the road and take pictures.


The Poppy is the California State flower. It blooms in many places. But, you are not to pick the flower, or try transplanting it. It is intended to be left wild, and spread naturally. If you want your own Poppies, go buy some seeds. Plant them where you like.

The following photo’s where taken by me. Using a Nikon D3000 DSLR. I have a few panoramas. This is done by taking multiple images, and stitching the together.


I will be posting some of these on my Redbubble site it you want the frame some for you wall at home.
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Thanks for reading and viewing.