(Photo by someone else at Port Hueneme Base)

***( All photos in this article are the property of Lorne Waters, that’s me and where taken by my hand, except for those noted photos that are otherwise captioned.)***


It’s been a while since I posted.

So recently, while on an outing to enjoy some nature, I ran into something that gave me a good subject.

Here in Ventura County, large amounts of new cars arrive through the local shipping port at the Port Hueneme Naval Base.  When I used to visit the base, or go to work there through a company I worked for, I had always seen thousands of new cars on the base.  From what I could find out it was through some sort of lease agreement with the military.  That seemed odd to me anyway.

Then I noticed from outside the bases fence on the Silverstrand beach side , you could see more , more cars.  Then in Camarillo, Ca., the local Camarillo Airport was storing thousands there, and right at the end of the runway. This I thought was dangerous and stupid.

camarilloap                         camarilloap2

  ( Camarillo Airport take by someone else )                               

But, like I said, I was driving around to snap some photos of our green hills, after our recent rains, and low and behold I find more cars stored. But in a spot that I would have thought would ever be.  A College Camps, and not on the campus, but right next to the nicely kept housing community. This is at the California State University of Channel Islands.

dsc_0903 dsc_0902 dsc_0901 dsc_0897 dsc_0900




There surrounded by fences with green privacy covering, was yet another storage yard.  I wondered what types of agreements would want to make a college to clutter up its beautiful land with new cars. Then I wondered, what about the residence that live there. All these cars don’t just drop from the sky, they have to be delivered, or driven.  This means there is increased traffic, and , or car carriers.  I am sure that’s not wanted, or safe in a residential area. This neighborhood has children running around, and a beautiful park close by. The park has a playground, and a large field for sports to be played.


Like I asked earlier, what would a storage agreement look like?  Well, do to the magic of the internet, where nothing is ever hidden, here is and example. It is in a .PDF file, please click on the link to read.     r-312-09

Now of course this just made me wonder more…  So, does this just mean that our higher schools of learning are now up to the highest bidder ?  Just to store cars?  What is this teaching/ What respect does this show from to schools to it’s students?  Does does this really show all that observe it.

The best question is, why are the student, facility, and local government officials, allowing this ugly blight to mar beautiful green countryside we have so awaited with the recent rains?

This is what the local area looks like away from the cars, college and ugly storage yards….

It seems Californians will only defend the State beauty, when it’s not benefiting them in dollars and cents.  Sounds like the Sierra Club type mentality.

As you can see in the pictures, there is no pavement. So if these cars are damaged or leaking, it just going to go into the local ground water system.  Where are the proper regulations for this?

I would say, people need to send a complaint to the College, and demand this blight be removed for a wonderful campus.  At the least demand that if the college is going to profit from the storage of these cars, that it is don’t properly and while protecting the natural beauty of the area and environment.

Thank you for reading.